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The closing date is the 7th November 2014.

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HNS Students performing in a pop video.

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Key Facts

  • A new secondary school for boys and girls aged 11-19
  • Class size of up to 25 pupils
  • 100 places for Year 7 each year
  • A particular focus on music
  • Located on Downham Road, Hackney N1 5AA 

Welcome from the Headteacher

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent ever has to make. Finding a school which offers the right environment for them to develop academically and socially with confidence is not a task to be taken lightly. All of us at Hackney New School take our responsibilities to our pupils very seriously and it is my privilege to realise the core vision of the founding governors of providing pupils with access to the widest range of opportunities in life.

HNS will of course be known for its academic achievements but you will also be impressed by the warmth of relationships amongst all members of the school community. Pupils enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities alongside opportunities to perform in music, drama and sports, allowing confidence and self-awareness to grow.

We set high standards for our pupils across all areas of the curriculum, making sure we provide the support to enable them to achieve their goals. We help our pupils to become more efficient learners, encouraging self-motivation and good study habits. Our focus on music not only develops individual talent but also teaches focus and concentration. Pupils learn the importance of working together as a school community, treating everyone with respect and earning it in return.

Our outstanding teachers and support staff use innovative teaching and technology alongside regular assessment to ensure progress. Communication between school and home is an integral part of pupil support and development. HNS aims to be at the heart of the community in Hackney.

Some of the distinctive features of our curriculum are:

  • an extended day starting with a breakfast club from 7.30am and ending at 5-6pm
  • the division of the school day into a “teaching morning” and a supervised “study afternoon” with an extended break in between. This will provide pupils with the time needed to learn to think for themselves
  • mixed ability teaching embedded within an extensive house and tutorial support system
  • pupils in each year group will have a fixed classroom for most of their subjects
  • an emphasis on public performance in sports, music and academic activities
  • a unique course called 'The Core' emphasizing oral debate of the history of ideas
  • a partnership with HMDT Music to deliver our music programme
  • summer school during the long summer break

I look forward to meeting you at our open days and school visits over the coming months.


Lesley Falconer


2015 Entry

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Child playing flute
Our vision for Hackney New School is to provide students with access to the widest range of opportunities in life by fostering academic excellence and instilling self-belief, intellectual curiosity and responsibility towards others in society.

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